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Founded in 1979 Desert Health Imaging Technologies (DHIT) is an independent distributor of digital imaging solutions, new, used and refurbished imaging systems, CR, DR, digital image capture solutions, x-ray film, chemistry, and many other supplies and accessories. 

As a founding shareholder of National Healthcare Distribution (NHD) we are participants in numerous GPO agreements such as Novation, Premier, MedAssets, Broadlane, Concentra, HPG and many more. 

In addition, being a supplier of many OEM systems, CT, MR, CR, DR, Bone Densitometry, Digital Mammography and other imaging products and services we also have a growing roster of certified, factory trained field service engineers competent with hardware, software and component repair.

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Desert Health Imaging is your "TOTAL SOLUTION" provider.
  • Desert Health Imaging- Imaging Services
  • Desert Health Imaging- IT Services
  • Desert Health Imaging- X-Ray Film Recycling Service
  • Desert Health Imaging- Preventative Maintenance
  • Desert Health Imaging- Project Management
  • Desert Health Imaging- Construction Services
  • Desert Health Imaging- Equipment Relocation
  • Desert Health Imaging- Lead Shielding Materials  
Desert Health Imaging Customer Service...
  • 24/7 LEAD Customer Support
  • 200 Years of Medical Experience
  • PACS, RIS, CR etc. supported all from one lead company.
  • Fully Dicom and HIPAA Compliant.
  • Proven technology that is working in Hospitals, Imaging Centers and Clinics
  • Reference Accounts

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Are You planning to SELL or REMOVE any existing imaging equipment?

Desert Health Imaging - Imaging Services

Desert Heath Imaging provides a wide array of Medical Imaging Services. Our increasing number of repeat customers can also be attributed to our highly skilled service department that consists of 7 factory-trained service personnel who provide routine preventive maintenance and emergency service at cost effective rates on contract or a time and material basis.

We are also able to customize service agreements to meet the needs of in-house biomedical departments, OEM's and third-party service organizations. We establish a cooperative relationship to best serve the end user's requests. 
Desert Health Imaging - IT Services
Information Technology is an integral link of today’s digital imaging technology. Desert Health Imaging recognizes and meets this need with an experienced IT staff with extensive knowledge in medical IT. Offering design, development, implementation and support of your information systems technology to keep your imaging department running smoothly 24/7.  
Desert Health Imaging - X-Ray Film Recycling

Desert Health Imaging is an x-ray film recycler for NDT/Industrial, Medical, Dental, Podiatry, Chiropractic and Veterinary facilities in Arizona,  NevadaNew Mexico and Eastern CaliforniaSilver Halide compounds in x-ray film are integral ingredient to most photographic and imaging processes. Silver salts, a by product of  AgX photographic process,  are potentially toxic, and therefore classified as hazardous wastes by the Environmental Protection Agency. 

Desert Health Imaging - Preventative Maintenance
Preventative Maintenance Virtually all manufacturers of medical imaging equipment and systems recommend routine periodic maintenance. The specific recommendations are usually found in the owner’s manual or other documentations provided by the manufacturer.  

There are several reasons for following a schedule of planned maintenance of x-ray equipment. Briefly stated, you want your equipment to produce the images you need for and you want to avoid disruptions to your practice. More specifically, the reasons for preventative maintenance include the following: 

            • Limit patient exposure
            • Limit retake
            • Improve image quality
            • Lower possibility of major component failure
            • Longer equipment life

In some cases, compliance with governmental regulations Our primary goal is to respond promptly to reduce customers’ valuable downtime and lost revenue. Field Service Report (FSR) The report will enumerate the things that were done to the system and, frequently, suggest things that the end user can do to help the system stay in good working order between PMs. Make sure you take the time to read over your FSR in full detail. If no report is given, contact the service group to obtain a copy right away. 

Key Points for Every PM Visit...

Internal & External Cleaning – Dust bunnies love to live inside imaging equipment! They clog fans and cause overheating. This can also lead to slow system performance and even component damage. Your PM engineer needs to make sure filters are being cleaned or replaced to maintain system uptime.

Mechanical Testing – This portion of the PM addresses the needs of your system’s moving parts. Lubricating bearings, gears, and motors ensures smooth operation of parts. Added friction can cause component failures and breakage. Some parts may also need to be removed and reseated. Even a simple misalignment can result in a hard-down situation.

Performance Testing – Every system must provide quality images and ensure patient safety. Your PM engineer should be doing a dose check, electrical safety check, image quality check, and sometimes even a complete recalibration to keep maximum equipment performance.

Diagnostic Testing – Parts only last for so long. They deteriorate, wear down, leak, scratch, and eventually become unusable. Qualified Service Engineers are trained to pinpoint failing parts before they put your site in a hard-down situation. If all of the above are addressed by your engineer in their last FSR, you can rest assured that they are taking the appropriate precautions to maximize your system’s uptime and the quality of your site’s patient care. 

Action Required...

Desert Health Imaging dedicated professional service engineers work with a sense of urgency and dedication for our customers.  Our contracts are extremely competitive, ranging from 100% parts & labor to “customized” service contracts to meet specific customer needs.  Our various levels of service options help create a contract that will best benefit you and your organization.

Desert Health Imaging - Project Management (Design and Layout)

We have consulting services for system planning and installation. We can provide a scaled detailed drawing of the location for complete preparation for the installation. Desert Health Imaging has a wide variety of lead shielding materials to include Leaded Sheetrock/Drywall, Lead Glass Viewing Windows, Lead Doors, and much more. 

Sample X-Ray Layout 

Desert Health Imaging - Construction Services

Architectural, engineering and construction services are often required when considering adding imaging services to your medical practice. Members of our qualified staff are very knowledgeable about the many nuances of adding radiographic capital equipment in any environment.

Lead equivalency requirements and certified engineering specifications are available through our extensive portfolio of available contract services. Please feel free to inquire regarding any technical or professional questions you have regarding your particular diagnostic imaging practice. 

Desert Health Imaging - Equipment Relocation

INSTALLATION and REMOVAL: Our experienced engineers/support staff are available to install your new imaging system anywhere in Florida or Georgia.  If you are interested in having an existing medical imaging system uninstalled and/or need to place a system in a professional storage facility, please contact us today.

  •  Our clIients include medical facilities offering medical and diagnostic imaging services including:
  • General Diagnostic X-rays
  • Portable X-Rays
  • Digital Radiography (DR)
  • Computed Radiography (Fuji CRAgfa CRKodak CR)
  • CT Scans
  • MRI
  • Ultrasound
  • Bone Densitometry
  • Mammography with computer aided detection
  • PACS-filmless viewing

If your organization offers any of the above services, we'd be glad to talk to you about our preventive maintenance contracts.  Our X-ray equipment maintenance contracts, CR maintenance contracts, C-Arm maintenance contracts and other modalities are an affordable alternative to the comparatively expensive time & materials servicing.

We work hard to provide our clients with cutting edge technology in the dynamic world of radiological technology.  For more information regarding our services, please contact us today.